What is a snagging list?

If you have ever had your own home or extension built, or you have perhaps moved into a new build home, you will probably have heard of a snagging list. These lists are extremely common in the building industry, and they are where the house is checked for any issues, and the Gloucester Building Contractor will work with the housing builder to have these corrected if necessary.

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Some of the items that tend to appear on snagging lists include.

  • Bathrooms – when bathrooms are fitted, there can sometimes be issues with the plumbing systems. This could be the water not draining effectively from the shower or problems with the sink and toilet fittings. All of these would be identified on the snagging list.

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  • Decoration – in newly built homes, there can sometimes be issues with the decoration, and this usually occurs when the plasterboard shows through the paint.
  • Flooring – issues can occur with the flooring, such as the carpet not fitting correctly in all corners or the floor not being completely even. This sometimes isn’t picked up until something is spilt on the floor, and it pools in certain areas. It tends to occur on patios more often than anywhere else.
  • Electric points – these areas are checked carefully due to the dangerous nature of electricity, but there can sometimes be issues with certain switches not working correctly or plugs not aligning up properly.

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