When the TV Guide magazine was key

If you look at modern television, everything is provided for you. Digital televisions are able to tell you what’s on, what’s coming up, even what’s on in a few weeks’ time. It’s the same with the Satellite channels. This makes television watching a lot easier but only if you have solid television reception. That can be provided by the TV aerial repair Cheltenham steveunettaerials.co.uk/our-services/aerial-services/tv-aerial-repair/tv-aerial-repair-cheltenham/. They are on hand to get you up and running if you start to lose signal and get issues.

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There was only one way to be able to know what was going to be on the TV. You had to rely on a magazine. You had two choices. The first was the Radio Times. This was a BBC production and focused on BBC programmes. However, it did show the listings for the ITV channels. It retained its title as it was originally created for the purpose of telling people about the radio programmes’ times. The other title was the ITV backed TV Times. Its focus was more on the ITV channels but again they featured the BBC shows as listings.

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Before the 1980’s they only featured their own listings! This meant that people had to buy 2 magazines. It was a weekly ritual to plan out the weekly viewing with the family and the highlighter pens were very much in use. For some, they were a yearly purchase at Christmas. The Bumper 2-week issue was vital to navigate the many shows and programmes that were on over the Christmas holidays.

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