What is dementia and how can it affect individuals

Dementia is a neurological disease that progresses over time. There are a number of conditions that come under the umbrella term dementia and these include diseases like Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia. It is a condition that as it progresses often means that individuals need support from those working in Care Jobs Stroud way, such as those advertised by Take Five Healthcare. The work they do can help support the individual with everything from daily tasks such as washing and getting dressed and also helping them to get out and about.

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Dementia is often thought of as a condition that affects people in older age and whilst there may be more people diagnosed at later stages in life, it is not a normal part of ageing and it can, in fact, affect people of all ages.

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As dementia progresses the individual may experience an increase in the severity of their symptoms and new ones may also appear. Dementia can have an impact on a person’s memory, perception and even their mobility. Over time they may find that it is harder to remember things and they may also find that they struggle to pick their feet up when they walk. This leads to a shuffling walk that is well known with those who experience the effects of dementia.

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