Where Does Pizza Come From?

The origin of pizza is debated by many. In ancient times, flatbreads topped with fresh tomatoes, cheese and herbs were eaten. Such snacks were also consumed by the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. The Italians are credited with creating the first pizza in the 19th century. The city of Naples was a busy waterfront city and overcrowding forced locals to come up with a quick way to feed their families. Locals began making and selling pizzas, which became a popular street food for the working class.

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The pizza Margherita was in fact named after the Queen of Italy, who visited Naples in 1889. She wanted to try something different to eat after tiring of the French haute cuisine her and the King normally dined on. The pizza topped with cheese, tomatoes and basil was her favourite. If you want to try Italian restaurants in Dublin, go to www.forno500.ie

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Pizza is often associated with the United States and this is due to the huge rise in popularity of the dish as the early 20th century saw the arrival of Italian immigrants in the United States. Gennaro Lombari opened the first official pizzeria in the United States in 1905. It was not until the 1930s that the city expanded its menu to include other foods, such as spaghetti. In Chicago, the 1940s saw the emergence of deep dish pizza. A deep-dish pizza has a thicker crust and rises from the plate.

TThe term “pizza” first appeared in print in 1692, and was described as “an invention of the Italians.” The word ‘pizza’ also derives from the Greek word pitta, which means bran bread.

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