Risks in the Workplace

When we go to work, feeling that we are doing the best to keep ourselves safe and also that the place where we work takes safety seriously is important. Of course, different job roles have very different safety risks, and some of course are naturally riskier – for example, working on a building site comes with many more hazards and dangers than working in an office. However, nowhere is completely risk free, and it is important to make sure that all people in a workplace are as safe as possible.

Fire is something that can strike anywhere, no matter where you work. A risk assessment for fire should be done in every workplace, and all employees should know what to do and where to go if the fire alarm does go off.

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As well as fire, accidents can happen anywhere, and making sure that the workplace is as safe as possible includes looking out for all the potential things that could cause an accident and putting a process in place should something happen to cause one.

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It is good to have people who are able to deal with things like this at work – getting staff trained correctly in first aid is essential, with a course like this first aid at work Gloucester based course. For fire, appointing a fire officer who will be able to take charge and knows the correct procedures to follow could save lives if the worst were to happen.

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