Caring for your Garden Trees This Spring – Three Things you can do

At long last we are now starting to see the weather brighten up as spring arrives once again. Spring flowers such as daffodils are starting to bloom all over the country and for gardeners, the busiest time of the year is here once again. There is a lot to be done in the garden in the spring, and many keen gardeners will be spending a lot of time outdoors right now.

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As well as the flowers that we take pride in, many of us also have trees in the garden – so what should you be doing with your trees in the spring? Here are a few ways to make sure that your trees are well cared for at this time of the year…

Give them a Health Check – The winter can cause damage to your garden, and trees are no exception. Get the help of a specialist, such as this tree surgeon Poole based Kieran Boyland, who will be able to assess the trees and if necessary, safely remove any parts that are damaged or might pose a danger of falling. Pests are another thing which can cause problems for trees as well as diseases, so have a look for signs of damage or illness in the trees.

Encourage New Growth – Spring is the time that most trees will be using the energy they have kept dormant throughout the winter to grow new shoots once again. You can help the trees at this time by giving them plenty of water to encourage new growth, particularly if it is a dry spring, as well as using a slow-release fertiliser on the soil which as well as encouraging new growth will also help to make the tree healthier, giving it more protection from diseases and pests.

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New Trees – If you want to add some new trees to your garden, now is a great time to do this. Places like the woodland trust sell trees ready to plant, as well as garden centres and nurseries. When planting a new tree, always check what the tree’s needs are as well as the size that the tree will eventually get to, to ensure that your garden has plenty of room for it!

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