Common Ghostly Goings on and Other Explanations

Throughout the ages, there has long been a belief that spirits of the dead are able to appear to the living in many forms. These communications can be found all over the world, and throughout many different cultures.

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In our modern world, it is still something that many people believe in, and there are still reports of ghostly goings on and paranormal encounters, some of which are easily explained with something else, and others which are not so easy. Here are some of the common signs of a spirit, and what else they could be attributed to ….

Noises in the Walls – Something that is a common theme in many stories of hauntings, and in particular poltergeist cases, is hearing noises coming from the walls of the house. This could be a ghost, but it is also important to contact pest control services, as it also could mean that you have a mouse infestation in your home!

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Flickering Lights – Something else that people commonly report when they feel a ghost is nearby are lights that flicker or dim. Another explanation for this is that the circuits are overloaded, and could potentially be dangerous, so it is worth getting a professional like his electrician Cheltenham based company to look into it for you.

Hair Standing on End – A common sign on a nearby ghost that features in many stories of hauntings. However, if you are outside, this should be taken seriously as it is also a sign that lightning is about to strike you!

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