The aims of  the Supervillians

If you have a superhero, or one that is capable of doing incredible things, then it stands to reason that the person ranged against them also needs to be super. It’s no point having a villain that simply wants to rob a bank or steal a few things. This gives the superhero/hero a very dull job of capturing them. If the Villain has incredibly devious plans then suddenly things start to get exciting.

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James Bond is a good example of this. It began with a simple Cold War theme that, as James cheated death at every turn, developed into more and more fantastic schemes. They centred around some Megalomaniac that wanted to take over the world, or destroy it. This involved Nuclear war, toxic germs, earthquakes and environmental damage that would need the use of Spill Kits, like those from, to try and clean up the mess afterwards.

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It’s also true of the Superheroes. Superman has to face 3 villains of equal strength in the shape of General Zod. Thanos, from the Avengers films, is determined to trim the population of the Universe as a whole! Galacticus wants to suck planets dry so that the only thing left is a dry husk. These super evil plans plant the seed in us that when the heroes do come to save the day it’s obviously been a tough task for them. It’s time for the drama to be turned up to the max and see what happens.

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