The sense of liberation and dignity

For disabled people there is one common factor, they want dignity and the ability to live in society and be involved as much as possible.  Laws have been enacted to try and make this happen but there are other ways in which we can make life better for a disabled person. The simple act of ensuring that a ramp is in place for inaccessible areas, or as an alternative to stairs, is paramount. The other is to have doors wide enough to accommodate standard wheelchair sizes so that wheelchair users can access rooms. The provision of disabled toilets and parking spaces is another.

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It is in the field of vehicles that great strides have been made. In the past vehicles that could transport disabled people or be driven by them were few and far between. Not only that, they were unattractive and obtrusive, as if designed to emphasise the difference. Now WAV Vehicles, like those available from Clarke Mobility, are becoming much better options. These vehicles look and feel like their able-bodied person’s counterparts.

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WAV vehicles range from those that accommodate a wheel user with a large hatchback and sturdy ramp that allows the person the ability to position the chair in a passenger position without having to get out of their chair. Where the wheelchair user has the use of their upper body and can drive, there are many devices that allow for the chair to be stored above them and then mechanically brought down to be used straight away to the destination.

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