How to know if samsung charger is original

In recent years, mobile technology has become very popular. In the most industrialized states, almost every individual owns at least one smartphone. The widespread use of these devices and the fierce competition contribute to lower prices. However, too affordable costs can be a wake-up call. Quality is never too cheap, and low prices are often synonymous with counterfeiting. This is even more likely when major brands have very low costs. Samsung often offers attractively priced accessories. But even a simple charger will not drop below certain altitudes. How to know if samsung charger is original?

How to know if samsung charger is original?

How to know if samsung charger is original

Unfortunately, the market for counterfeit accessories is vast and completely illegal. To save a few euros on accessories, there are still many individuals who give in to temptation. But a non-genuine charger could cause more problems than expected. They range from silly glitches to more serious things, like smartphone overheating. It is therefore important to recognize the signs of counterfeiting. The most obvious is the quality of the materials in use. If the charger appears coarse or flimsy, we are probably dealing with a fake. Furthermore, their loading speed is much slower than a Samsung original.

Check the labels and the USB cable

Checking the safety information on the label will give us indications of authenticity. But beware: its position can already say a lot. The caution and certification label is located on the side of the USB port. In an original it can also be on the side walls. But if the label is on the side of the electrical plug it is an irrefutable sign of a fake. The USB cable must also have certain characteristics. It must not be distorted and the metal socket must be on the thinnest side of the end. The cable must be sturdy but flexible and satin to the touch. Too hard and low-quality plastic is characteristic of fakes.

How to know if samsung charger is original

Pay attention to the hallmarks

The CE mark is a guarantee of safety by the European Union. It means that the device is suitable for our market according to the control bodies of the continent. The CE mark, however, must respect precise shapes and dimensions. The UL mark must also be present on the label. Indicates approval from Underwriters Laboratories, an independent certification body. In the absence of such logos, it is advisable to purchase a new original charger. The official Samsung website allows you to do this safely through its online store.

Before any purchase, it is good to make sure that the seller is a serious professional, authorized to sell original products. If it is not possible to verify, let’s only rely on official stores or large chains of electronics products.

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