Different Types of Garage Shelving

Many people took advantage of the national lockdown to have a clear-out of their home, and this includes garden spaces, sheds and garages. Getting your garage organised and tidy can be extremely satisfying as well as giving you extra storage space.

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Whether you use your garage for gardening tools, gym equipment, DIY or bikes and garden toys, there will be a shelving system to suit your needs, but it is worth doing your homework before making an investment, as there are several different types of shelving available.

Wooden Shelving

Standard free-standing wooden shelving is very cost-effective and easy to manoeuvre. Wooden shelving can also be a great space saver, as it comes in large and tall sizes so can hold a lot, but be careful not to pack it with heavy items as it is only built to withstand certain weights.

Metal Shelving

If you need to store heavy items, metal shelving can be a good solution. Items including large paint cans or heavy tool boxes can be stored safely on metal shelving and are useful for liquids and heavy bags. If you are looking for garage shelving Ireland has companies such as Rackzone that have a wide variety to suit garages and garden sheds of all sizes.

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Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are often forgotten when it comes to hardware storage, but they can be surprisingly versatile and particularly suitable for larger DIY items, such as varnish and containers of white spirits and other household liquids.

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves are great if you need different-sized shelves for a variety of items. They can be adjusted to suit your needs and be re-positioned and rearranged as many times as you like.

Self-Enclosed Storage

Self-enclosed storage is especially useful if you have toxic items in your garage such as fertilizers, or if you want to keep valuable items out of sight. They can also be hung from the wall, which will give you more floor space. Hanging larger items such as bikes on the walls can also be a great space saver.

Once you have cleared out your garage and organised it in a way that suits you, try to keep it that way. Knowing where everything is when you need it can save time and a lot of frustration when hunting for that one item you remember putting in the garage many months before!

How Much Maintenance Does a Park Home Require?

A park home can be a great investment for you and your family. It can be somewhere to escape the rat race as well as somewhere you choose to spend your retirement. As with all investments, there are things to consider as part of the decision, and aside from the initial cost, the ongoing maintenance requirement is the largest consideration.

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What Regular Maintenance Does a Park Home Require?

The area of Gloucestershire park homes which will require the most maintenance is the underbody, as it fixes your home to the ground and is the main support for the property. It is made of galvanised steel but can rust, so needs to be protected. You can buy specialist paints to coat the steel which can offer protection for up to five years.

Structurally, Gloucestershire park homes should be fine for the first ten years from new, but as you would with any other home, it’s a good idea to redecorate every once in a while. You should have safety checks carried out on the property on a regular basis. Gas and electricity safety checks should be carried out on an annual basis to ensure everything is working correctly, and it is also a requirement at many parks.

What Other Maintenance Might Be Required?

As the property gets older, it is likely that you will need to give your property a bit more care. For example, replacing the roof, installing new cladding and repairs to the chassis or underbody. If you are not buying your home from new, it is a good idea to have a professional survey carried out to pick up on anything which may need to be attended to.

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Do I Have To Do Everything?

Maintenance of your own property is your responsibility, but site managers, such as those at Gloucestershire park homes, will always be on hand to help. Site owners will arrange maintenance of the general areas and services for all properties and gardens. You will pay a pitch fee which covers all this work, but check your individual agreement to see exactly what will be covered by the site owners and what is expected from you.

Often the site will employ a maintenance team that property owners can approach if there are any complaints or problems. Park homes are part of a community, and there is always help on hand.

New Government Aid Fund Will Protect UK Supply Chains On High Street

COV-ID 19, as we all know, has shaken the world and impacted lives in so many ways. Due to the lockdown, UK supply chains have been at major risk due to the companies they work with not having the financial ability to stay open. It is heartbreaking to hear how our high street is suffering. But wait, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Step in the government with a new plan to protect these supply chains.

5 Awesome Gifting Ideas for your Employees

The festive season is well and truly here and it is that time of the year when most employers look for special ideas to thank their employees and present them gifts as a token of appreciation. If you are a business owner and are looking for some unique gifting ideas for your employees or if you are finding it difficult to think beyond the clichéd gift items like a sweet box or box of dry fruits, don’t worry, here are a few amazing ideas that your employees would absolutely love:

Restaurant gift cards

The festive season is all about spending some quality time with the loved ones. People generally go out dining together with friends and families and what better way to add joy to the celebrations of your employees by gifting them restaurant gift cards. You can find various restaurant deals available in your locality or the area where your employees reside and choose a restaurant gift accordingly. During the festive season, a lot of restaurants offer various business Diwali Discounts. It would be easier for you to gift cards to all your employees and get a discount on the purchase of these cards. It is best that you look for restaurants that are offering e-coupons or e-cards so that you can directly deliver them to your employees’ inbox.


Today, with almost everyone using some or other kinds of digital devices like a smartphone, tablets, laptops, or kindle gifting an e-book would be an excellent choice of gift that would make your employees happy. There are literally thousands of titles available in the market, you can choose the most popular ones, the ones that are in trend recently, or choose a book from the all-time best sellers list. If you know the interest of the employees then you can choose any title that you think they would love reading or suit their personality. If you find it hard to choose the right title, choosing a book in your business niche would be a safe bet.

iTunes credits

Everyone loves music and during the festive season, people love to play music and party. If you know that some of your employees are absolutely crazy about music, gifting them iTunes credits would be an excellent idea; it would please them beyond any words to express their happiness. The iTunes credits would allow your employees to pick their own songs or albums from their favorite artists and it would be directly delivered through email. Whether they spend the credit all at once or buy one song at a time, it would surely win over their hearts.

Photo printing coupons

The holiday season is a time when people catch-up with their loved ones and click pictures to create memories. But, after the festive season is over and as people spend their time going over the clicked pictures they would surely love to print a few to add to their office desk or home photo wall. So make this task an easy job for all your employees by gifting them photo printing coupons. No matter, if you gift them coupons from the local store or from an online photo printing website, having money to get the pictures printed will surely be appreciated by the employees.