How Much Maintenance Does a Park Home Require?

A park home can be a great investment for you and your family. It can be somewhere to escape the rat race as well as somewhere you choose to spend your retirement. As with all investments, there are things to consider as part of the decision, and aside from the initial cost, the ongoing maintenance requirement is the largest consideration.

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What Regular Maintenance Does a Park Home Require?

The area of Gloucestershire park homes which will require the most maintenance is the underbody, as it fixes your home to the ground and is the main support for the property. It is made of galvanised steel but can rust, so needs to be protected. You can buy specialist paints to coat the steel which can offer protection for up to five years.

Structurally, Gloucestershire park homes should be fine for the first ten years from new, but as you would with any other home, it’s a good idea to redecorate every once in a while. You should have safety checks carried out on the property on a regular basis. Gas and electricity safety checks should be carried out on an annual basis to ensure everything is working correctly, and it is also a requirement at many parks.

What Other Maintenance Might Be Required?

As the property gets older, it is likely that you will need to give your property a bit more care. For example, replacing the roof, installing new cladding and repairs to the chassis or underbody. If you are not buying your home from new, it is a good idea to have a professional survey carried out to pick up on anything which may need to be attended to.

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Do I Have To Do Everything?

Maintenance of your own property is your responsibility, but site managers, such as those at Gloucestershire park homes, will always be on hand to help. Site owners will arrange maintenance of the general areas and services for all properties and gardens. You will pay a pitch fee which covers all this work, but check your individual agreement to see exactly what will be covered by the site owners and what is expected from you.

Often the site will employ a maintenance team that property owners can approach if there are any complaints or problems. Park homes are part of a community, and there is always help on hand.

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