New Government Aid Fund Will Protect UK Supply Chains On High Street

COV-ID 19, as we all know, has shaken the world and impacted lives in so many ways. Due to the lockdown, UK supply chains have been at major risk due to the companies they work with not having the financial ability to stay open. It is heartbreaking to hear how our high street is suffering. But wait, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Step in the government with a new plan to protect these supply chains.

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So what’s the plan?

Ministers announced that almost £5m of UK aid will go into protecting UK supply chains, whose high street companies have been badly affected by COV-ID 19. A further £2m has been given to help strengthen the working conditions for global supply chains, used by businesses in the UK. This should go far in ensuring our favourite products are kept on the shelves and countries badly affected by the pandemic will have better working conditions, so they can re-strengthen their workforce.

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An example

Here’s an example to illustrate the importance of a supply chain. Let’s look at a small business, such as a company that supplies an operator chair and office equipment to businesses and homes around the UK. Their suppliers may have been hit hard by the pandemic and lack the funds and workforce to be able to provide them with their products. This means the office equipment company won’t have enough stock, so when you try and Google find an operator chair perfect for you, they will not be able to fulfill your order. The company that provides the equipment or operator chairs are then unable to service their orders, causing them to lose custom. Sadly, they may not be able to survive if this becomes a constant issue, they may have to shut their doors and another UK business will be no more.

This new government aid helps to combat these issues around the UK and worldwide. It is known that 20% of our food and drink are imported from developing countries, but farms and factories may have had to close during the outbreak. Shops including Primark, Morrisons and Sainsburys are part of the “’Vulnerable Supply Chains Facility’” working alongside advisers, helping them improve the working conditions of their supply chain workers and getting them better access to healthcare.

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