DIY Home Building: 4 Ways to Build a House Yourself

Building your own home can not only be gratifying, but it can offer you the ultimate customization you crave. DIY home building delivers the ability to add all those finishing touches that make a space perfect for you; but how do you go about building your own house? Look no further for our best four ways to build a house yourself.

Before you build new, you may be looking to sell your current property. Consider selling your home for cash to make for a speedy sale so you can get to building your dream home as fast as possible.

Building your own home and acting as your own contractor can be a surprisingly affordable way to get your desired new build. Keep reading for our top four options to DIY home building.

1) Shell Home

A great option is what is known as a shell home. This means you hire a contractor to pour the foundation and frame the home, and then you DIY the rest of the project. Some tips if this option interests you include:

  • The price can vary widely, so do your research before purchasing a shell home
  • You will need to already own the land that the shell home will be built on (a great first step once you decide to take the plunge!)
  • Consider the cost of subcontractors before deciding to use a shell home

2) Home Kit

Another option when you are wanting to build your own home is to use a pre-designed kit. This allows for some customization, but a lot of logistics are already worked out for you. There are endless home kits you can purchase that range in design (think modern, contemporary, log cabin, and more!) and in price. Selecting a home kit that fits your style and budget is a great place to start when you want to DIY your home build. Learn more: How to remove rust stains from plastic tub

3) Tiny Home

A fun trend hitting real estate in the recent decade are tiny homes. These are small, often DIY built homes that offer function and efficiency. Tiny homes can range widely in price depending on what you want or need, so do your research on what options work best for you. You can find plans for many different tiny homes online. Another tip for building a tiny home, consider building on a trailer so you can tow your home wherever your heart desires.

4) Traditional Home

If you’re wanting to build a more traditional style home yourself, there are a lot of logistics that go into the project. Be sure you fully understand what it takes to build your own fully custom home yourself. Some steps to take include:

  • Prepare the home site by clearing brush, and getting the land surveyed
  • Pour concrete footings, slab, and foundation
  • Rough in plumbing and electrical
  • Frame, side, and roof the home
  • Install plumbing, electrical, and insulation
  • Hang drywall and install trim
  • Paint and finish the walls
  • Install flooring
  • Finish kitchen and bathroom details
  • Complete landscaping

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