How to take proper care of hats?

proper care of hats

Styling with a hat suits those who want to acquire the dignified looks that demand respect from onlookers who appreciate the sophistication and refined taste of the person. It does not mean that wearing any hat will create the desired attraction because the style of the hat contributes to the charm and aura of the personality. Besides choosing the right hat style, matching it with the face size and shape is imperative. All hats do not look nice on all kinds of face shapes, and to give a feel as if the hat is just for you, know what is best for your face shape. Moreover, the hat size must be appropriate for your head size to ensure the most comfortable fit so that it offers ample protection from the elements of weather, especially sunlight.

Hats are the most popular fashion accessories for both men and women, and their high functionality makes it the longest living headgear that has its roots embedded in history.  Hats have been popular through the centuries among men and women. Some hats like Fedoras, Panama hats, Floppy hats, straw hats, and cowboy hats have tuned into unisex fashion accessories. Wearing a hat allows you to express yourself most impressively and stand out from the crowd.

Naturally, you might be fond of particular hat styles as you are more comfortable wearing these hats that also bring out the best in you.  Have a variety of hats in your wardrobe so that you can mix and match the styles to add more variety to your fashion while saving money in buying new hats now and then.  Assuming that you have different hats in your wardrobe, you must know how to take proper care of each type of hat in the same way you care for your leather shoes to maintain their shine and gloss while ensuring their longevity.

Cleaning and conditioning are the standard hat maintenance techniques for all kinds of hat materials, from leather to suede and felt and straw or any other fabric. Proper hat care prolongs hat life and retains its good looks so that you can wear it confidently no matter how old the hat might be.

Here are some general hat care tips that can give new life to your hats that retain their attractive looks.

Hat holding techniques

The best way to maintain the looks and shape of hats is by knowing the right way to handle them so that there are the least chances of damage. Careless or poor handling of hats causes most of the damages that could render hats unusable.   The fundamental rule about the safe handling of hats is to avoid pinching the hat when you grab it by the crown, which is most vulnerable to damages from rough handling. The norm for safe handling of hats is to hold it by the brim and not the crown.

Never grab the hat by the crown, although most people would instinctively reach out for the front pitch of the crown that causes the most damage. The area of the hat in the front of the crown with the indentation is most fragile, and pressing on the area too often while attempting to hold the hat can create cracks in the crown.  Holding Panama hats by the crown will crack the straw, and wearing out of the felt surface is unavoidable when you hold any felt hat by the crown too often.

Leaving hats on hat racks is another cause of hat damage as the ballpoint hat rack can puncture the crown from inside if used extensively. Proper hat storage is as much necessary as its correct handling and part of good hat maintenance.

Use a hat box for storing hats

Putting hats in proper hat boxes keeps them well protected during storage. Choose the right size of container that accommodates the hat without folding or denting any part like the brim and crown. To protect straw hats, choose an opaque box that cuts off the UV rays of sunlight. The height of the box must be such that there is some space between the top of the crown, hat, and the top of the box. Do not leave your hat near the rear window of your car, as sun exposure will damage it.

Moisturizing and conditioning

Straw hats are delicate and need moisture to stay fresh. If you live in an area with a dry climate, you must frequently apply a conditioner on straw hats to maintain their freshness. Alternatively, use a microfiber cloth or baby wipes to rub the hat to keep it moist. Avoid too much conditioning as it can warp the hat irreversibly.

Protect straw hats from getting wet and if it gets wet wipe it with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel. Turn out the sweatband and allow it to dry in the air.

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