One Punch Man Season 2 release date and overview

One Punch Man Season 2 release date

After the premiere of One Punch Man and its long-awaited appearance in the catalog of our favorite streaming platform, many of the fans have been wondering when is the One Punch Man Season 2 release date. And since we also love this story, we took on the task of collecting all the information in this post. Keep reading and know all the details!

When is the One Punch Man Season 2 release date?

One Punch Man Season 2

Although it is not possible to see One Punch Man season 2 on Netflix, some other platforms already have this second part of the anime. Among these are the famous Crunchyroll, Hulu, Toonami television networks. Read more: Mandalorian episode 6 release date, characters and overview

Unfortunately for Latin America, this second installment of the anime has not yet been released. Let’s hope that Netflix will add it to its productions during the next few months, we estimate that this will happen in mid-2021.

Let’s talk about One Punch Man

One Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, a bald superhero with supernatural strength who manages to defeat any enemy with extreme ease. Tired of not finding an opponent at his height, Saitama decides to undertake a journey in search of the most powerful rival to face.

Based on the comedy and action webcomic of Japanese origin, One Punch Man is an anime created in 2009 by the artist One, also known for being the creator of Mob Psycho 100. Currently, One Punch Man has a total of 2 seasons, each one has 6 episodes that add up to a total of 12 for the entire anime. You may like also: What are sponges used for in minecraft

Is One Punch Man season 2 on Netflix?

The first season of the anime was added to the streaming platform several months ago, as for the second season of One Punch Man it is not possible to see it even on Netflix. This is because its premiere is very recent (April 9, 2019), so its producers may be waiting for the episodes to be finished airing on Japanese television networks before transferring the distribution rights to Netflix. You may like also: What does a carrot on a stick do in Minecraft?

When is the 3rd season of One Punch Man coming out?

Although the success of season 2 of One Punch Man was indisputable, there has not been a statement so far confirming the renewal of the anime for a 3 season. However, it is expected at any time that such a launch is announced and if so, we could expect One Punch Man season 3 by the end of 2021. Would you like to see One Punch Man season 2 premiere soon on Netflix? Learn more: Junjou romantica season 4 episode 1

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