Top 3 Tips to Design Yard Signs

Tips to Design Yard Signs

If you want to promote the word about your new service, product, or other types of offering, purchasing eye-catching yard signs is a great option. Yard signs are highly customizable. Therefore, you can showcase the professionalism and creativity of your brand through the yard signs. However, designing the yard signs is a time-consuming and daunting task. Remember a couple of strategies to implement successful yard sign designs. You can use them as real estate signs, part signs, birth announcements, campaign yard signs, garage sales signs, and many more. This is because yard signs are an extremely versatile marketing tool.

The uniqueness and readability of the yard signs will help your business stand apart in the crowd. As per the research from the United States Sign Council, drivers take one second to detect yard signs and three seconds to read the message. To attract their attention, you need to design great yard signs. Here are the top 3 eminent yard sign designing tips you should know.

Overall Size of the Sign

The visibility of the yard signs is dependent on the size. Big yard signs will undoubtedly stand apart. However, you need to determine the location before choosing the size of your yard signs. A yard sign installed in a high traffic area needs to be bigger than the yard sign installed in a small neighborhood. Figure out where you want to install the yard signs so that you can know a perfect size.

Additionally, you also need to choose a location that is obstruction-free. If there are obstructions, it will affect the visibility and the readability of the context. If you install yard signs in a windy area, consider installing necessary reinforcement such as ties and heavy wire stakes to keep your yard signs remain in the ground firmly. Don’t forget to check the local laws to see any restrictions regarding yard sign size.

The Choice of Typeface

Italics, Sand Serif, Bold, and Serif are the four most legible types of font. But you can also choose other fonts as long as they are legible. As per Elegantthemes, spacing makes a font easy to read. This means that you need to avoid things fonts. Consider using simpler typefaces such as Frutiger, Helvetica, and Garamond. Each letter should be distinguishable from the other one. If you are designing yard signs for political promotions, make sure the fonts are bigger. Ensure the fonts aren’t smaller than three inches. Choose the size of the texts relevant to the overall size of the yard sign.

You can also print out the brand message in different sizes to test its effectiveness.

Copy and Negative Space

The fewer words you use in your yard signs, the better outcome you will generate. Make sure the message is simple. Don’t include unnecessary business information in your promotional yard signs. You can also emphasize to make the name memorable.

Unless you have an attractive business website, don’t include it in your yard signs. Make sure you leave negative spaces while designing the content. Negative space will undoubtedly enhance the legibility of your yard sign.


These are yard sign designing tips you need to remember. Do you have any questions regarding the yard sign designs? Comment below to let us know.



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