Irish sweater: the coziest fashion staple

Irish sweater

When the weather outside is frightening, you need something warm and cozy to protect you from the cold. Wool is the best material for the job: blankets, hats, mittens, socks, scarves, shawls, and let’s not forget – sweaters. Nothing compares to the feeling of being cocooned in a warm sweater, especially if it’s made from a super soft and breathable material. Aran sweaters made of merino wool are among the softest and most comfortable you can find and let’s not forget that they are also very stylish. Besides, you can find various types of Irish sweaters so you’re guaranteed to find something that will match your style.

Styles to choose from

The most popular style is the crew neck Aran sweater. They can be worn over a regular T-shirt for casual occasions or over a business shirt for a more formal look. However, the business look with a shirt and tie works better with a V-neck sweater. You can also add a blazer over the sweater. But it also works great for a more street-casual look, for example, with a leather jacket. Another very popular style is the turtleneck. It is not only popular because it is really snug, but also because it is versatile. Turtleneck Aran sweaters work wonderfully for a business casual look. If you want a more dressy look, pair a turtleneck with a pair of stilettos and a skirt. The cowl neck Aran sweater is another stylish variant that you can try. You can easily recognize it thanks to its floppy neckline. The cowl collar resembles a draped scarf, so these sweaters look best when they’re layered with a vest, a jacket, or a coat. Another popular style is the shawl collar Aran sweater. These are not your usual sweaters. Although the shawl collar is not as common, it is certainly very stylish. Of all sweaters styles, the shawl collar is the one that you most readily associate with black tie events, but they also work well for casual occasions. Each style has something different to offer, so you can choose something that matches your own style or you can explore different styles.

Best material for your sweater

Apart from being very stylish, Aran sweaters are also very warm and comfortable to wear. This is thanks to the merino wool. A lot of people say that they can’t wear wool because it is itchy. Irish merino wool is a very fine and soft material that doesn’t cause itchiness at all. But that is far from its only benefits. It is also moisture-wicking, so even if you get caught in the rain, you don’t have to worry about getting soaking wet if you’re wearing a wool sweater. Merino wool is great at regulating moisture, but also heat, which means that you don’t have to worry about sweating too much while wearing an Aran sweater. It is also very breathable, which means that you can wear an Aran sweater even when it’s warm outside.

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