Strange noises to look out for

We have all been sitting watching the television only to hear some strange gurgling coming from the fridge or the radiators as water flowers through them to warm your home up in the colder months. But there are some unusual noises that you might hear coming from your heating system that you really need to look out for and call a Boiler Installation Gloucester company to come and replace your system if your old one is broken or no longer working as efficiently as it could be. Here are some of them:

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Gurgling – a small amount of gurgling is to be expected whenever water is involved in a system, but if the noises are constant or so loud that it distracts you from what you are doing it is often an indication that something in your system needs looking at.

Vibrations – if the noise sounds like vibrations or whooshing noises you might want to have a heating engineer check your system to ensure that there are no problems with your air intake or the air filter. These issues can usually be easily rectified.

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Whining – a whining noise is a cause for concern and should definitely get on the phone to your local heating professional to come and have a look at the inner workings of your system. It can often be caused by pump bearings being worn, or defecting burners or fans within the system that are vibrating.

There are some instances where you can perform some simple checks to see what the issues are with your boiler and also rectify the problems yourself but if you are unsure or the noises are loud you should always consult with a professional to come and check the system for you.

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