The age of empires 4 release date, cheats and characters

age of empires 4 release date

Age of Empires 4 is the next major game in the Age of Empires series and will feature a brand new single player campaign, multiplayer modes, and improved visuals. The game takes place during a time period when civilization has begun to thrive on all continents but Europe.

The 5th Age of Empires is coming. The release date for the next installment in the award-winning strategy game series, Age of Empires 4, has been revealed by Microsoft.

Age of empires 4 release date

age of empires 4 release date

Age of Empires IV released on October of 2021. History The upcoming Age of Empires 4 is the first game in which players have direct control over cities, units and buildings during battle. Players can allocate resources to create new military options for themselves or their opponents via siege engines and castles.  Additionally, there are several core improvements that make AOE4 different from its previous installments.

In the Age of Empires 4, environments are much more dynamic; each map is different with its own special features. Units can adapt to their environment by mutating certain characteristics like sound and sight or even armor depending on the planet they rightfully evolve under. For example, units that evolved in desert areas will not be able -according to some rumors- a puma unit (a type of animal native only to this area) but rather a camel soldier evolving in an environment with a valley.

Other changes include new in-game modes, among which the “Scenario” mode that envisions the player his own occupation of land on a given planet and involves different special conditions (be it allying to another faction or fighting each other), as well as amazing 3D graphics engine capable of rendering millions instances per second while maintaining tremendous detail throughout maps.

Age of Empires 4 characters

With Age of Empires 4 Microsoft also introduces new characters as well as updated versions of some old ones. While the former are minimal changes, each character has its own special statuses and benefits (e.g.: Peter Black being able to strengthen his personal army by summoning a legendary Native American warrior), but none at all will be able to create buildings or fight without the use of camels since they simply wouldn’t make sense! King George : A Renaissance and Victorian Man, King George reigns as king over England (it’s name should make it clear of course), and uses in combat an authentic pony style cavalry that battles with English swords. He is the first European to liberate North America and now controls all its land including the destroyed British territory at western end map!

Age of empires 4 cheats

Age of Empires 4 contains some hidden cheats, these are a new section in the Multiplayer Menu from which players can see other people’s… and also their own. Pressing CTRL+G allows you to open this “cheat” section (you’re now able to edit title of your clan or change its name) where access is restricted only for premium users but doesn’t necessarily imply any limitation about what kind of data we would like dedicated here! Around the secret section of all cheats, we wanted for a long time to build even more additions like the “show what players can see” shortcut.


Age of Empires 4 is one of the most anticipated games of 2019. It’s a real-time strategy game developed by Microsoft Studios and it’s based on the popular series that started in 1997. The main goal of this game is to control territories and build an empire with your army.

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