Where to put humidifier for baby?

put humidifier for baby

We are expecting a baby very soon. We don’t have space for a humidifier in our room. So, where to put the best humidifier for baby? We recommend putting a humidifier next to the baby’s bed to provide moist air around the baby. The best place for the humidifier is under the bed away from the baby, but if that is not possible, then discover more.

Where to put a humidifier for baby?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should not put humidifiers near a baby’s bed because there are many safety concerns with using a humidifier. Some water reservoirs can be cleaned, but others cannot and bacteria can grow very quickly in warm moist environments like on the surface of the reservoir. If the water is not filtered, then this could cause respiratory problems. The Pro baby guide helps new parents quickly and easily find the humidifier they need to ensure the baby’s humid environment.

Also, the humidifier could emit mold spores into the air, which can travel to babies if they are still breathing through their noses even though they are sleeping. The biggest problem with using a humidifier near a baby’s bed is that it could cause accidental suffocation by covering their nose and mouth with a pillow or blankets. If this happens, then you need to put a humidifier for the baby where?

If your child’s crib has an extra place beside the crib, it would be best to place a humidifier there. You can also try using a cool-mist vaporizer or aromatherapy diffuser, which both emit moist air but do not require any boiling water like with some humidifiers. Also, make sure to clean the water reservoir of this product every day to prevent bacterial growth.

If there is no extra space in the baby’s room, then do you need a humidifier for your baby? You can try putting it near a window or door away from the baby’s sleep area. Make sure that the unit has an automatic shut-off mechanism when it runs out of water and that there is no exposed heating element. You could also try putting it up high such as on a dresser or counter across the room from the baby’s bed.

How to put a humidifier in the baby’s room?

  1. Make sure to put a stable base, so the unit won’t tip over when it is operating.
  2. Fill the water reservoir with cooled boiled water from a pot on the stove or kettle.
  3. Add a few drops of aromatherapy oil, which you can get at a store and is 100% natural. You can also use any cheaper oil that you have at home.
  4. Place the humidifier on the table or dresser to fasten the cord so it does not get in the baby’s reach.
  5. Plugin and turn on when you go to bed with your child every night, but keep an eye on your child so they do not try to put a humidifier in their mouth.
  6. Turn it off before you go to sleep and unplug it after every use.
  7. Clean the water reservoir with soap and water or vinegar, don’t use any bleach because it will make the mist more dangerous for your baby’s respiratory system, even though many people use bleach to clean their humidifiers.
  8. Clean the unit with a cotton ball and vinegar every two weeks while the water reservoir is empty.
  9. Do not let anyone drink out of this unit at any time because it can be very dangerous for everyone in your family, even if you are using only boiled water.
  10. If you have any problems with your humidifier, then contact the manufacturer for a replacement because other things could have nothing to do with the water reservoir.
  11. If you have a humidifier without a switch, then unplug it before putting it away to prevent electrical shocks.
  12. Turn off the unit and clean the reservoir with vinegar and water.
  13. Leave it open for a few hours to make sure that the air is dry before plugging it in again.

It is not recommended to let the baby sleep in the same room with a humidifier because of many safety concerns. You can try putting it near a window or door away from the baby’s sleep area and you must unplug the unit after every use and clean it regularly with vinegar and water.

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