Card games for two people

Card games for two people

There are many games with which you can have a very fun time with your partner, your brother or sister, your friend or friend or someone from work: the important thing is to know how to enjoy the free time with the card games for two people you may have throughout the day. There are many types: board games, video games, word games, questions and answers. Of course, card games are one of the best known. The deck and the poker deck offer different alternatives to play with another person at any time.


La brisca is one of the most popular card games for two people with a Spanish deck. The main objective for each of the two players is to be the one who accumulates the most points after eight rounds played. To start playing brisca, follow these steps:

  • Deal 3 cards for yourself and another 3 for your opponent.
  • The next card that appears will be the one that marks the trump or main suit.
  • Put the rest of the cards face down in a pile.

The player who has dealt with one of his cards begins to play. Those of Rey, Ace, Sota and Caballo (the figures) are those with more value and, with them, you have many options to win the rounds. If you have a card containing the 7 of the same suit of trump, you can reply to the winning card that your opponent previously drew. Each roll is won by the player with the highest value card and at the end of the round, the points are added. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.


The score of the cards is as follows:

11 points Ace.
10 points on 3.
4 points the King.
3 points the Horse.
2 points La Sota.
0 points the number 7,6,5,4,2.

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Among the easy card games for two is the tute. The value of each card is the same as the brisca game and the objective is to have the largest possible number of hands or points agreed at the beginning of the game.

The tute for two people involves dealing with 8 cards for each player. All the others remain apart, although they can be stolen. Each opponent shows the last card they have received: it will be the one that marks the triumph of each hand. To achieve these hands, you must accumulate all the possible points in each of the tricks’ cards.

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We help you discover how to play cards between two people with various options: mus is one. After dealing 4 cards for each player, your objective will be to add 40 points through these plays:

  • Big move: the most valuable since it is formed with the 4 highest cards.
  • Average play: a trio of cards of the same value.
  • Double play: double pair of cards with the same value.
  • Small play: 4 cards with the lowest value.

The value of the cards:

10 points for the figures (horses, kings and jacks).
1 point for those of number 2.
The same points as the number that contains the rest of the letters.

Half past seven

The banker is the key figure in the seven-thirty game. The rest of the participants will be called points: each player’s objective will be to add seven and a half with the cards, both the starting hand and the rest that are requested. You cannot go over this value and the first one to do so becomes a banker. The banker is in charge of distributing a letter to each participant whenever necessary. The values according to the type of letter are as follows:

  • 1 point for Ace.
  • Between 2 and 7 points for the letters with figures. The value will be determined by the specific number it contains.
  • Half a point for the horse, king and jack.


The chinchón offers several game modes: the classic (playing the necessary rounds so that all the players are eliminated except for one, who will be the winner), the arcade (the one with the most rounds of 3) and the express (playing all at one round). To play chinchón between two people, follow these instructions:

  • Each player receives 7 cards.
  • The objective that each of the two players will have is to form a series of 3 cards that contain the same value or make a straight (3 jacks and 4 aces; 1 ace, a 2, a 3 and 4 kings, for example).

The value of each card in the chinchón is as follows:

25 points for the Ace of golds.
10 points for the kings.
10 points for the horses.
10 points for jacks.
7 points for sevens.
6 points for all six.
5 points for the fives.
4 points for the four.
3 points for all three.
2 points for both of them.
1 point for Ace.

The player who manages to make the series with the most points will be the winner.

Open and closed poker

There are also two-person card games with a poker deck. The main variants are open poker and closed poker. This is an exciting and dynamic game perfect for betting:

  • The two players agree to an initial bid and the winner will be the one with the best possible combination of cards.
  • Each card is valued differently.
  • In each round played, the cards are dealt with again and it is chance that determines who has the highest combination.
  • The two players can bet differently to confuse the opponent and win in the round.

Black Jack

Among the best-known poker games is blackjack. To play, the 52-card English wild card deck is used. The purpose is to add 21 or the nearest number below: you can never go over it.

When you add 21 you will be able to sing ‘blackjack’, but that will not determine anything: you will have to pay attention to each card’s value since it will be identical to the number it contains. The figures will have a value of 10 points and the Ace will go from 1 to 11 depending on the player’s convenience.


For the game of the broom, the Spanish deck is needed. Three cards are dealt for each of the two players, leaving another 4 face-up on the table in full view of both.

The objective is to add 15 points using the following cards: king (10 points), horse (9 points), jack (8 points) and the rest of the cards with the punctuation that marks the number it contains. When one of the players uses a card on his turn that, together with the cards on the table, totals 15, he will have made a broom and be the winner of the round.

Argentine trick

The Argentine trick is also among the card games played in pairs. The objective is to win the number of rounds or partials previously agreed: normally the best of 2 rounds are played. In each round, you must add 30 points in various hands. There are three tricks per hand (i.e. three cards): you will have to throw one of the cards on the mat, just like the opponent. Whoever has thrown the highest value card will be the winner of the trick.

The hierarchy of cards from highest to lowest value is as follows:

Ace of spades
Ace of Clubs
Seven of swords
Seven of golds
False Aces (Ace of Cups and Golds)
False sevens (of cups and clubs)
Blind Hold’em

To play Hold’em Blind takes one deck of poker. These are the steps:

  • Both players receive 2 cards face down.
  • The letters that will be community are exposed.
  • Next, you both show the hands (cards) that you had face down.
  • Based on the value of the hands, the winner is determined.

Being a very fast game in which you do not need to make many decisions will be ideal when you want to spend some time entertaining and without thinking too much.

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