Overcoming the Stigma of Mobility Aids

For individuals with disabilities, the stigma associated with mobility aid use is a major barrier to inclusion. Many people view these devices as a hindrance and are reluctant to use them. These feelings can lead to personal shame and discouragement and make it difficult for a person to be proud of their independence. It can also hinder their understanding of equality and inclusion in society. Therefore, it is crucial to overcome the stigma associated with mobility aid use. For information on Mobility Aids, contact https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/

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In a recent study, we examined attitudes towards mobility aids by race and ethnicity. Although a general positive attitude among mobility aid users was found, also found was a distinct pattern of negative attitudes. While some participants claimed to feel no embarrassment or self-consciousness, others said they were embarrassed to use their device because of its appearance. The type of mobility device also affected perceptions, with some participants describing these devices as something that an old person would use.

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In a focus group study, participants reported that a disability affects their ability to work, live at home, and attend school. It doesn’t have to be this way. The attitudes and perceptions of people with disabilities are more complex than this. A disability can have many causes, which is why the stigma associated with it is so damaging. However, some people have an internalized attitude and are not willing to face it. It is time to look again at how we view mobility aids and their benefits for people of all ages.


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