An introduction to the directors guarantee

What is a director’s guarantee?

A Director’s Guarantee is a declaration or form that a director signs which states that they will cover a specified debt or debts owed by the company of which they are a director. For some lenders, for example, having such a document signed is the only way in which they will enter into an agreement, especially when it comes to high-value transactions. An agreement of this type has relatively little impact on the director in question, unless the business enters into administration or, for whatever reason, fails to repay the debt.

Making the Most of Your Kitchen and Creating Storage Space

The kitchen in your home needs to be a space that works for you and for your lifestyle. The first thing that you need to think about when you are designing a new kitchen for your home is practicality. There are lots of functions that a kitchen needs to perform in order to keep the home running and you also need to be able to use your kitchen with ease.

Getting the Right Architect for Your Self Build Home

The dream for many people is to build a home that is truly their own. Creating a home that is yours and is suited to you and your lifestyle is a big job, but it is well worth it. What you will need to do before you can start to build however, is to find an architect that can work with you to get those ideas from your head and turn them into a plan that the builders can follow to create your dream home.

Reasons to Use an Architect for Your Next Project

Architects can help you achieve your goals in building a home or commercial property. They are skilled in designing and planning, and they can help you come up with a budget that fits within your requirements. In addition, architects have the experience to push the boundaries of what is possible. Often, clients come to an architect with preconceived ideas about what they want their house to be like, and the architect’s job is to listen to these ideas and make sure they meet the needs of the client. Throughout the project, this dialogue will continue and it could be that the architect has ideas which the client hadn’t imagined possible.

Time to do up the conservatory

Is your conservatory looking a bit tired? Maybe you’ve had it for quite some time, and you’re looking to do something new with it. Everything wears out over time, and the conservatory is no exception to this rule. So it’s very likely that you will get a build-up of dirt and debris. Like leaves in the autumn collecting on the roof or even the sand from the Sahara being blown onto it, this all adds up to the general discoloration of the conservatory or its poor appearance.