Planning the perfect children’s party in Cheltenham

If you have young children and are planning a big birthday bash for one of them that doesn’t cost you a fortune, then think about taking the birthday girl or boy with their friends to a local park. Send out homemade party invitations at least two months in advance so that the other parents have a chance to respond.  Make sure you have emergency phone numbers for all the little ones and let their parents know where you are going.  Check out the park’s facilities, safe play equipment suitable for all abilities, somewhere to sit and eat as well as making sure it has clean public toilets.  A secure perimeter fence is a must have so that none of the little ones can wander off if you take your eyes off them. Quality Fencing Cheltenham provided by a company such as Greenfields would certainly help to give you peace of mind.

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If the park you choose has all these qualities, then your birthday party is sure to be a success and your child will have a wonderful time having fabulous fun with their friends. The food you think about providing should be simple, healthy and something young children will enjoy. A variety of vegetable sticks, fresh fruit, sandwiches, cheese sticks and don’t forget to provide plenty of fresh water to wash everything down.

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Make sure you know exactly how many youngsters will be attending the birthday party so you can enlist the help of enough adults to keep them all safe. If you follow all this advice, you, your child and their friends will have a safe, fun filled day.

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