How to View Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

The Instagram application with its “new” tool “IG Stories” allows users to share fleeting moments on the network in seconds for the platform’s followers and audiences. How to view instagram story without them knowing and have you ever wanted to see one without them knowing it was you?

How to view instagram story without them knowing?

Here we will give you two ways to do it:

  • Airplane Mode Activate!

We know that this option is used when traveling, but it is the secret so that no one knows what you saw. What you should do is enter the Instagram application on your phone and let the stories and photos of the people you follow load. Once updated, activate the airplane mode of your smartphone and start watching the stories.

So without the internet or data, you can see the stories without it being registered that it was you. When you’re done, quit the app and turn off airplane mode.

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  • Google Chrome, the ally

This way must be done from the Chrome browser. Here you should look for the extension called “Chrome IG Story,” which is the one that makes it easy to see the stories and also download them. Its use is easy; just install the extension and enter Instagram from the browser. You can activate it through the crossed-out eye icon that appears in Chrome when visiting the network.

  • “Plan B”

If you would like to watch and download your favorite stories, it is best to download the Story Saver for the Instagram app. With it, you can see all the videos of the people you follow and you can also download them to your mobile without anyone knowing! The bad news is that this application is only available for Android.

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How to View Instagram Story Without Them Knowing

  • Click on the first story or the one after the one you want to see

Then click on the first story or the one immediately after the one you want to secretly see. Once you have entered one of these two stories, pause the story by holding your finger on it. Well, now scroll and take a look but don’t go through the story completely!

Once you have seen the story, scroll to go back to the story you have watched and stopped. Now swipe down on the screen and exit Instagram Stories. I recommend performing this procedure very quickly because if 15 seconds were to pass Instagram, it would immediately make you look at the next story, which you don’t want that person to know.

If you have succeeded in using this method, once you have exited the stories, you will see that around the story of the person you have hidden, there will still be the circle, which means that you have not yet seen their story.

  • Watch the stories on Instagram without being seen thanks to an App for Android

1. Download Story Saver for the Instagram app from the Play Store on your Android device.

2. Next, you need to log into the app using your Instagram account.

3. After this, you will see the Instagram stories of all the users you are following. Tap on any story to view it. You can also long tap to download it to your device. Watching the story using this app will hide your view from their Instagram stories.

  • See the stories on Instagram without being seen thanks to a website

Enter the site and enter the username of the profile you want to watch the stories and press enter. Now you will see the profile picture of the user you searched for, then click on it. Well, now you will have access to all his stories published in the last 24h. Simple, isn’t it?

Around the web, I also found another very effective website for watching stories on Instagram without being seen. This is If you don’t feel comfortable with the first website or it doesn’t work as it should, you can opt for it here.

I hope this article on how to see stories on Instagram without being seen has been of help to you. Not to brag, but I think the ones I’ve shown you are true all the best methods to watch someone’s Instagram stories from hidden. You should not have any problems in the future.

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