Your 420 Activity Guide: How to Enjoy This Fun Marijuana Holiday

420 is the most exciting day of the year for the cannabis community.

Covid-19 made it hard to get together with friends and blaze a few joints, maybe more than a few. Smaller circles, restrictions to movement and events cancellation affected most marijuana lovers.

With the pandemic manageable and the 20th of April around the corner, there’s cause for excitement within the marijuana community.

It’s expected now that cannabis is pretty popular that many people will be acknowledging the annual cannabis celebration (the 420) and standing in support due to its immense benefits.

If you’re looking forward to 420, but you’re not sure how to best celebrate that day, stick around. This post also shares more laidback ways to celebrate 420, even with the pandemic.

Now, have a look at these fun activities you can do on the 420 to complement your high and keep you grooving.

1.    Get a Fresh 420 Stash

It goes without saying you need a fresh supply for the holiday.

Go to a local supplier and get high-quality bud or tincture, depending on your preferred intake option.

Making your purchase during 4/20 week comes with perks like discounted rates. We discourage buying your marijuana on the D-day as chances are high you might find the stock has run out.

2.    An Excuse for a Trip

Recreational use of weed is legal in 17 states so far.

Therefore, you can consume marijuana for fun without worrying about the party being crushed by the authorities.

If your state hasn’t legalized marijuana for adults, a trip to a state where pot is legal makes the day even more eventful.

However, you don’t want to cross states in possession or drive under the influence because that would land you in so much trouble.

3.    Get Cooking

Food gives annual celebrations an identity.

Just like your family’s turkey recipe, you can have a customized cannabis-infused recipe for the 420.

What’s even more about cooking on 420 is that you get to have more time and fun with friends. You can experiment with various recipes and infuse them.

With cannabis-infused food, you also get to avoid the effects of smoking or vaping, which take a toll on your lungs. Cannabis enthusiasts looking to avoid the bland taste of tinctures also get a chance to mask it with favorite tasty foods.

You can never get it wrong with cannabis-infused meals. Take care to manage your intake dose since the onset of effects may take time, but they also last a while.

4.    420 Friendly Resorts

It has been a tough year staying indoors.

Why not spend your first “real” holiday after the pandemic to ease things back to normal?

Various hotels, resorts, and Airbnb are usually designated to serve the cannabis community on 420. Such hotels offer unique experiences for herb lovers, including smoking lounges and fresh herb supplies.

You want a 420-friendly environment that keeps you from judging eyes while assuring an entertaining and comfortable experience.

Search your local listing and opt for a destination that pleases both your eyes and pocket as you look forward to a fun 420.

5.    Go Outdoors

For nature lovers who appreciate weed, the 20th of April is an amazing opportunity to enjoy nature in more ways than one.

Going outdoors to busk in nature’s beauty can also be a fulfilling experience for marijuana lovers. Outdoor activities on 420 include meditation, yoga, and camping.

Additionally, meditation is known for its effects on mindfulness as it ushers relaxation reduces pain and sleeplessness, which may be something you’re already struggling with. You may use the day to let loose and allow marijuana to elevate your experience.

You are also not limited to carrying only weed on your outdoor ventures. We recommend fresh veggies and fruits like mangoes which take you high on new levels. Check our 420-snack selection if you are wondering what to carry.

6.    420 Streaming

Streaming or listening to your favorite music is probably one of your first go-to activities on holiday, which is great since 420 is all about chilling and enjoying new experiences.

Go for witty cannabis films like SPLIFFFilm Festival for the needed dose of laughter.

You can try virtual reality for a more immersive experience that complements your high. 2 Chainz concert on Oculus Quest 2 is a banger you don’t want to miss this 420.


Consider the above tips to give your 20th April marijuana ritual a new memorable turn. Make some time to celebrate what has become one of the most beneficial herbs in history.

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